Jan. 14, 2016

Planetary Community Chicken

After 25 years of crossbreeding in the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project we have a unique database of chicken DNA and a strong, fertile chicken. Together with different partners we are crossing our Cosmopolitan Chicken with an industrial laying hen from Hendrix Genetics to make a robust, ecological chicken that can travel to different communities where it can provide one egg a day.

The chicks presented at the Broeders van de Wereld - installation hatched at De Hoev and will grow up surrounded by the city-community in ‪Sint-Truiden‬. Then, they will be part of a research at the Universiteit Gent for the KiwiBes project‬ to study an innovative ecological cycle. Simultaneously chickens are hatching in Zimbabwe at the The Future of Hope Foundation and later this year in Detroit at Wasserman Projects. 

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