May 11, 2016

Kick-off FoodLabPeel


On Wednesday the 11th of May, Koen Vanmechelen presents his project LUCY – Peel Petuum Mobile at the kick-off of the FoodLab Project in Peel. This project, located in the Dutch region ‘De Peel’ is a unique collaboration between artists and the local farmers. Five couples, each consisting of an artist and a local farmer, try to find solutions for issues of the farmers. These topics involve questions about the intense agriculture and cattle breeding in the region.

By means of art, FoodLabPeel wants to develop creative and renewed solutions for social problems in the region. By coupling five artists and farmers with a social topic, they can co-create new perspectives and views. FoodLabPeel proves that art and agriculture can lead to benefits for both sides.

For this project, Koen Vanmechelen collaborates with the HeydeHoeve, pig farmers in De Peel. Together they want to increase transparency in pig farming by creating a bio-diverse pig called LUCY. LUCY is the result of crossing between the industrial Duroc and the Mangalica, a Hungarian pig. According to Koen, crossbreeding is the only solution for a sustainable production. This idea is translated in the artworks Vanmechelen creates.

FoodLabPeel is a project of ZLTO and the Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst & Cultuur. More information on the Agri Meets Design website.